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D5.2: Designing and creating web content in accordance with the W3C Accessibility specifications

1. Understanding and interpreting Web Content Accessibility  Guidelines (WCAG)
2. Understanding and interpreting Authoring Tool Accessibility  Guidelines (ATAG)
3. Understanding and interpreting User Agent Accessibility  Guidelines (UAAG)
4. Understanding and interpreting Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)
5. Reviewing and summarizing guidelines, principles and techniques for designing and creating Web accessible solutions
6. Identifying and applying principles of logical structure and semantics in Web documents
7. Describing requirements for providing users with a good way to navigate and interact with Web content
8. Identifying and applying visual styling Accessibility  considerations in Web documents
9. Identifying and applying Accessibility  supported technologies
10. Creating interactive controls/widgets
11. Creating accessible single-page applications
12.Creating web content that is compatible with the PWDs common strategies to accessing web content
13. Integrating Accessibility  into the quality assurance process
14. Reviewing guidelines and best practices to support Web Accessibility 

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