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D4.3: Creating Accessible Presentation documents

1. Identifying and applying the basic principles of logical structure in Presentation documents
2. Identifying and applying visual styling Accessibility  considerations in Presentation documents
3. Auditing and evaluating Accessibility  in Presentation documents
4. Identifying the limitations of automated testing in Presentation documents
5. Performing tests with Assistive Technology for Presentation documents
6. Implementing alternative text or text equivalents in a remediation context of Presentation documents
7. Creating Presentation documents Accessibility  requirements checklist
8. Examining and remediating inaccessible Presentation documents
9. Reviewing best practices for creating Presentation documents

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Understanding Document Accessibility
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With much of the world gone digital, learning to create documents that are accessible to everyone is becoming a necessary skill. Intended for a general audience, this free resource reviews a wide range of document authoring applications, including the tools they contain for creating accessible documents, and tests them to ensure they do not contain potential barriers. Learn how to create accessible word processed documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, and PDF documents, among others, so they are accessible to everyone.

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