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UNC System Macroeconomics Digital Course
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The Macroeconomics digital course enhancements is a comprehensive, open-access resource
for economics instructors to adopt in whole or in part, and is designed to support flexibility for
faculty and students. The content areas are divided into modules for ease of navigation or
partial adoption as needed. We don’t have a required textbook even if we often refer to
chapters in the OpenStax’s Principle of Macroeconomics. In addition, we provide suggestions
for student activities and deliverables for each topic within the modules as well as reference
videos and articles.

This Macroeconomics resource is intended to provide flexible adoption options for instructors.
Instructors may use all of the materials in the modules or select what is most appropriate to
enhance existing course materials. We hope this is a useful tool for economics instructors
regardless of expertise level.

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Full Course
ABM Nasir
Fafanyo Asiseh
Owen Ash Morgan
Qingxin He
Steve Ha
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