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Hi there. I'm Dr. Mike Mutschelknaus, an instructor at Rochester Community and Technical CollegeI've been teaching freshman composition and developmental writing courses full-time for 26 years now. Each semester, I teach about 100 students. I enjoy my work and my students. I also realize that it's easy for us community college instructors to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of students we teach. Also, our students get overwhelmed by the sheer cost of their tuition and books. 

I've designed this OER collection so that you, my fellow instructor, can easily find high-quality educational resources for your students. If your students are like mine, they can no longer afford textbooks. You can use these resources, for free, instead. 

Thanks for all of the great work you do as a community college teacher! Feel free to contact me at <>. I would love to hear from you. --Mike--