Introduction to Technology Integration

"An Introduction to Technology Integration"

Big Ideas: In this video, Adam Bellow shares:” I think to define technology integration, it's really using whatever resources you have to the best of your abilities. Technology, it's a tool. It's what you do with that tool, what you can make, what you allow the students to make. That's really what technology is about. If you can do this lesson without technology, that's great. But if you can do it better with technology, then that's why you use it.”

The Common Core State Standards call for students to develop digital media and technology skill. Integrating Technology with face-to-face teacher time generally produces better academic outcomes than employing either technique alone.

Research has show that technology integration improves:

...K-12 achievement when digital and face-to-face instruction are integrated. learning over textbook instruction by allowing to collect, analyze and model data.

...student writing skills and engagement when 1:1 laptops are in place.

...student understanding of math concepts and attitudes toward math when they use virtual manipulative.

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