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Chemistry, Introduction
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Chemistry 100 - Chapter 2 - Measurements

Chemistry 100 - Chapter 2 - Measurements


This course is an OER section developed by Dr. Ara Kahyaoglu for Bergen Community College.  The primary text was developed for the Saylor Academy and is modified to better serve the course objectives for BCC students.

Chapter 2, selected pages are included in the attached file

2.1 Expressing Numbers

  • Learning Objective: 
    • Learn to express numbers properly

2.2  Expressing Units

  • Learning Objectives
    • Learn the units that go with various quantities.
    • Express units using their abbreviations.
    • Make new units by combining numerical prefixes with units

2.3 Significant Figures

  • Learning Objectives
    • Apply the concept of significant figures to limit a measurement to the proper number of digits.
    • Recognize the number of significant figures in a given quantity.
    • Limit mathematical results to the proper number of significant figures.

2.4 Converting Units

  • Learning Objective
    • Convert from one unit to another unit of the same type.

2.5 Other Units: Temperature and Density

  • Learning Objectives
    • Learn about the various temperature scales that are commonly used in chemistry.
    • Define density and use it as a conversion factor.




Chapter 2

Have students read and complete the exercises for chapter 2.  File provided.

Read Chapter 2