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Instructor Overview

This laboratory manual is an introduction to a standard chemical lab course for Arizona Community Colleges CHEM 130. It covers basic protocols, glassware, and handling techniques. Students will be presented with full immersive experiences to enrich their understanding of basic chemistry.

Table of Contents:

Determination Of Weight
Determination Of The Density Of Solid Objects
Determination Of The Specific Gravity And Density Of A Solution
Separation And Purification
Law Of Definite Proportions
A Series Of Chemical Reactions Involving Copper
Heat Of Fusion Of Ice
Heat Of Reaction
The Gram-Molecular Volume Of Gases
Charles' Law
Charles’ Law (Alternate) - Temperature-Volume Relationships For Gases
Determination Of The Molecular Weight By Freezing Point Depression
Determination Of Approximate Atomic Weight
The Equivalent Weight Of A Metal
Preparation Of Iron Sulfate
Caloric Content Of Food