Cultural Competence Reflection and Growth Plan Assignment

Growth Plan

Cultural Competence Assignment: Growth Plan

Select 2-3 areas you would like to focus on this semester. These areas should be those on which you scored yourself as 3, 4, or 5 on the Cultural Competence Check-In: Self-Reflection.

Areas of Growth

Area #1 
Area #2 
Area #3 

How will you address these areas? What resources will you use? What activities will you participate in? List and describe the actions you will take to improve your understanding and ability to respond to your growth areas.

Activities and Resources

Area #1 Resources & Activities 
Area #2 Resources & Activities 
Area #3 Resources & Activities 

Setting Goals and Measuring Progress

Set some goals for yourself to help you have a clear path toward the improvements you want to make in your cultural competence.

Be as specific as you can be when writing your goals.

Make sure your goals are measurable - make them concrete so that you will actually know if you are making progress. Also, make sure to track your progress. To do that, you can use paper and pencil or your device. Be consistent in tracking it so you can keep up with it for the follow-up assignment at the end of the semester.

Set at least one goal per area OR at least two goals total, but no more than five goals total.

Here are some example goals to help you get started:

  • I will ask at least one question in class per week this semester about this area of growth.
  • I will spend 15 minutes per week this semester exploring this area of growth on Cultural Competence in Healthcare: Websites and Resources.
  • I will read this article about how to develop my cultural competence and make a list of the most important points relevant to this area of growth.


Area #1 Goal(s) 
Area #2 Goal(s) 
Area #3 Goal(s) 








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