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Students will analyze photos for specific details that reveal the owner of a specific room.Then the analysis will include literature but will focus on literary devices and connotations.Also, students will have the opportunity to summarize text and then use evidence to support specific connotations.
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Jemelleh Coes on Feb 28, 02:55pm

DISABILITY: Does this source present able-bodied, neurotypical people as the sole perspective, standard, or norm? Does this source leave out concepts of disability when it could be added for deeper context?

This resource encourages students to use a critical, intentional, and keen eye to better interrogate and understand the world. The resources do a good job with the representation of a diverse group of people to explore. It explores people of various races, genders, and nationalities. The resource could be improved by exploring people with additional identity markers as this resource is ripe for exploring the widest range of differences. One marker that would be perfect to explore in this context is disability as the exploration is about "what's in a room?". Conversations about accessibility would fit squarely into understanding physical structures and barriers.



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