BranchED Equity Rubric for OER Evaluation


Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity (BranchED) is the only nonprofit organization in the country that prioritizes strengthening, growing, and amplifying the impact of educator preparation programs at minority serving institutions (MSIs), with the broader goals of both diversifying the teaching profession and intentionally championing educational equity for all students. BranchED’s stance is that “Quality is Diversity,” meaning that high-quality educator preparation embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as fundamental (not tangential) to the preparation of all educators. We embody this stance through outreach, programming, and advocating for standards that center equity and inclusion. Central to this is ensuring representation of diversity within instructional materials so that teacher candidates see themselves in course materials. We believe that race-blind, culture-blind, language-blind, and economics-blind teacher preparation is obsolete. It does not adequately prepare teachers to engage with the diversity of the schoolchildren in their classrooms; diversity is as an asset and lever to enhance learning and the academic achievement of all students.