Business Communication For Success

Business Communication For Success, An Undergraduate Course at Florida Atlantic University


Business Communication is an opportunity to understand and practice communication effectively. Effective communication is an important tool for business communicators. Getting your point across effectively can be the difference between earning your desired outcomes or failing to receive desired results from individuals or the corporate setting.

You should be able to organize, write and present your ideas clearly. Communication is also important to foster a good working relationship between subordinates, as well as superordinates, which can in turn improve morale, efficiency and corporate goals.

This Business Communication for Success eText is an adaptation of a previously adapted Business Communication for Success eText that was published through the University of Minnesota. The adapted Florida Atlantic University 2019 edition explains the key aspects of both verbal and nonverbal communication, how to listen to and understand others, and how to make the best possible first impression on the people you encounter in and around business opportunities. Business Communication for Success has been enhanced with dynamic instructional videos allowing readers to learn and review at their own pace.