Overview & Syllabus


This course engages students in the many ways that information is created, shared, and can be interpreted. Topics will include infographics, cyber security, news, news bots, cookies and online tracking, digital privacy, and more.


Learning Outcomes

  • Students will critically analyze media and news content and sources

  • Students will utilize tools and methods to fact check online information 

  • Students will evaluate how data is collected, analyzed, and represented to tell a story. 

  • Students will consider the impacts of online tracking of personal data 

  • Students will discuss the risks and ethics of engaging on social media

  • Students will utilize library resources for research and fact-checking



This course consists of 8 sessions that challenge students to critically and thoughtfully engage with mediated information. Students will be introduced to concepts that will help them decode and interpret the validity of news and other information sources. Through discussion and individual and/or group activities, course sessions will invite students to take an active role in building a foundation of best practices that can serve as a model for their peers and others. 


Resources and Expenses

There are no textbooks or costs associated with this course. All readings and other required media will be provided electronically.