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Instructor Overview

Having been a project manager for over a decade—and having taught hundreds of classes and workshops on project management—I wanted a textbook that would be:

  • Designed for a “flipped” classroom structure. A textbook with short and concise readings with appropriate videos embedded. A student workbook for taking notes while reading so students are ready to work on exercises in class, instead of listening to a lecture that repeats, or tries to clarify, a complicated textbook.
  • Accessible to my students, and not bogged down with academic language or irrelevant research. Something that would provide students with a good introduction to basic vocabulary and concepts without using a lot of technical language.
  • Granular, so that each section would focus on one topic and just that topic. This way, instructors can assign just the sections or chapters they want and not be worried that students will get sidetracked with material that the instructor doesn’t want to focus on in their course.
  • Focused on the essentials of project management. There is a lot to learn in project management, but with a good understanding of the essentials, students can learn advanced concepts and the “exceptions to the rules” on their own.