Comprehensible Input

Spanish 1

Brian-Based Lesson

Lesson Objectives:
  • SWBAT identify locations of a Map of where the story is being told.
  • SWBAT identify at least ten new vocabulary words and be able to use them in context.
  • SWBAT answer comprehension questions based on a reading assignment.
Grade: 8th Grade Spanish 1 Time frame: 45 minutesLesson Title: Piratas del Caribe Capitulo 1 
Brain-based Strategies Used in the Lesson:
  • The support of physical activity and classroom movement.
  • Providing opportunities to use learned information in authentic ways.
  • Teach students how to learn and review new information.
Formative or Summative Assessments:
  • Formative- Vocabulary/Map Review
  • Formative- Comprehension Questions while reading
  • Formative- Vocabulary/Comprehension Kahoot Quiz
Prior to this lesson: What understanding and/or knowledge was taught prior? Where does this lesson fit in your unit?
  • Prior to this lesson, the students have basic Spanish knowledge. They also have had a geography lesson on different countries in Central and South America. The students can easily recognize cognates and use context clues to figure out meaning. This is the first lesson of the book that we will read as a class titled Pirtas del Caribe y el Mapa Secreto.
Materials: Include a copy of everything required to teach. Use hyperlinks when possible. You may add additional pages to the bottom of this lesson plan also. Include the assignment that students will be completing.Technology materials: (hardware, websites, video links,etc.)
  • Computers/Chromebooks
  • Internet
  • Kahoot
  • Google Classroom
  • E-copy or Hard Copy of book.
Content Core Standard: (List the standard(s) and then hyperlink it to the standards website.
  • Standard 1.2: Students understand and interpret written and spoken languages on a variety of topics.
  • Standard 3.1: Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language.
  • World Language Standards 
Technology used: *See above*
TimeMaterialsLesson Procedures(Include the materials & technology.)
5MinsIntro activity to activate schema (background information)/Warm-up/or Bell-ringer
  • Students will identify different locations on the map in order for students to understand where the book takes place. The students will use online tools in order to circle the places on the map. The teacher will check for accuracy.
15 Mins.Introduce New Information: (Teaching)
  • The students will identify new vocabulary words that will be found in the chapter. The students may recognize some of the words and may need to look up some of the words. Then, the students will demonstrate their knowledge of the words by creating 5 sentences in the target language.
  • The teacher will make sure that they students understand all the vocabulary words.
  • Then, the teacher will lead the students in a TPR (Total Physical Response) activity in order for the students to pair a movement with each new vocabulary word.
10 MinsHands-on Activity Steps: (Prepare ways for students to practice the new information.)
  • As a class, the students will read the first chapter of the book aloud. The teacher will stop at different parts of the book to ask comprehension questions. Additionally, the students will be directed to notice their new vocabulary words in the text.
10 Mins.Feedback: (How will the students provide feedback?) Group activity? Instructor feedback?
  • The students will be instructed to act out the first chapter of the book. The teacher will assign characters and the students will act out the first chapter with the teacher’s assistance.
Homework or in-class assignment5 minAssessment(s): (assignments and/or activities)
  • The students will complete a Kahoot Assessment to demonstrate their understanding of the new vocabulary words as well as their understanding of Chapter 1. The teacher will be able to gauge tomorrow’s lesson based on the results of this Kahoot activity.



Remember to include all the materials necessary to teach the lesson. You can add them by pasting them below or providing links to them.



















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