Ask Dr. Universe - Website Guidance

Ask Dr. Universe - Website Guidance

Ask Dr. Universe | Washington State University

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Purpose of Website

Dr. Wendy Sue Universe investigates questions from curious elementary and middle school students. Based out of Washington State University, Dr. Universe teams up with professors, researchers, and experts in the field, to tackle big questions like: What is fire? Why does soda fizz? Why is the ocean salty? Why is liquid nitrogen so cold?

Dr. Universe knows that children everywhere deserve a chance to explore the possibilities in science, engineering, technology, and math. She inspires the next generation of scientists and engineers to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and ask big questions. She encourages children to keep exploring and discover the ways science and engineering can help improve our world.


Ask Dr. Universe | Washington State University and Northwest Public Broadcasting

Site Navigation Strategy

Tips for Effective Implementation or Differentiation

  • The content can be used along with Next Generation Science Standards or as a jumping off point for science lessons.
    • Each post on this website is fact-checked and vetted by a professor, researcher, or graduate student Washington State University.
  • Families can help children submit questions to the site.
  • Students can vote in weekly polls
  • Site is a great tool for student research projects and works with computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Families and students can listen to the podcast and hear from real researchers at Washington State University as they investigate science questions from kids around the world.
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Ask Dr. Universe is a science-education project based out of Washington State University Marketing and Communications. Content is free to view online but is not under an open license.
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