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MOWWM Unit 5: Digital World Topic 2 - Coding

MOWWM Unit 5: Digital World Topic 2 - Coding


Modeling Our World with Mathematics Unit 5: Digital World Topic 2 - Coding

Digital World Topic 2: Coding - Teacher Guide

The first 10-hour course in MOWWM Digital World Topic 2 provides students with the foundational skills and knowledge to begin using computer programming as a tool to learn about and develop algebraic functions. Students will be introduced to a graphical programming language designed for Algebra instruction, through which they will gain a deeper understanding of the order of operations, create images with algebraic expressions, and learn a technique for creating functions called the Design Recipe.

By the end of Course A students will have the tools necessary to turn word problems from their own Algebra class into functions that can be used as mini apps.

Teacher Notes:
• It is very important to work through the lessons ahead of time to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the coding process yourself.
• These lessons were designed for anywhere from 35-60 minutes. There could be some opportunities for lessons to be combined into one class period.
• Extension Opportunity: There is a Course B that allows students to create their own computer game.