Hannah Hynes-Petty, Washington OSPI Mathematics Department, Washington OSPI OER Project
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Modeling Our World With Mathematics, Remote Learning, Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
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MOWWM Unit 0: Getting Started (includes remote learning adaptations)

MOWWM Unit 0: Getting Started (includes remote learning adaptations)


This resource includes a teacher guide with lessons and activities to get your students ready for the Modeling Our World with Mathematics (MOWWM) course as well as suggested resources to adapt the course to an online learning environment. 

Teacher Guide

Use these lessons to get to know your students and to set the culture of the course. The math is simple to encourage students to build confidence, but the thinking processes are crucial. Three instructional routines are introduced. Implementing them in this context will make them easier to use later in the course when the math is more challenging. This unit is all about getting started with a positive attitude!

Resources to Adapt Course for Virtual Learning

These virtual learning resources were created to adapt the course for virtual learning, and shared by mathematics educators from around the state for your use. We encourage you to share any resources you create so that they can also be added to this document for other educators. You can share by sending an email to with any attachments or links to your resource. All materials submitted must be openly licensed and/or properly attributed.

The Virtual Learning Resources is a living document. It can be found here: Getting Started Virtual Learning Resources (Google Docs)