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Literature, Composition and Rhetoric
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Composition, Vietnam War, Writing
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Composition II: The Things We All Carry

Composition II: The Things We All Carry


This course incorporates original OER materials with readings from the novel The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brien, a gripping and compassionate account of a platoon of U.S. soldiers in the Vietnam War and readings from the textbook Composition II from Lumen Learning. The course will challenge students in their reading and writing skills while providing them with a historical and cultural context to better understand war, peace, and the human condition.

Instructor Guides

These are documents that explain the main parts of this course and how to deploy them. You will find a syllabus, class discussion prompts, writing exercises, and an outline of the textbook readings.


Here you will find some of the articles used in the syllabus. These were taken from the NEA Big Read initiative, "Teacher's Guide." The other articles can be found in the "Reader Resources" guide.

Essays and Rubrics

This section provides both the main essay assignments as well as their rubrics. These largely come from the textbook Composition II from Lumin Learning, though some have been adapted to better serve this OER course.