Wyatt Morse
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Activity/Lab, Game, Lesson Plan
Upper Primary, Middle School
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High-Low Card Fitness

High-Low Card Fitness


Designed for upper elementary, but can be used at any age for a warm up or station activity. Can be
done in a regular classroom, physical education class or at home. Great fitness activity done with using only a deck of cards.

High-Low Card Fitness

Lesson Topic: High-Low Card Fitness

Lesson Description: Using a deck of cards students in small groups 3-4 will try and guess if the next card is going to higher or lower than the dealers card.

Learning Goals/Outcomes: Students will work with peers to engage in a fitness warmup activity. 

Nebraska Standards: 
PE.3.3.3.b Recognizes the importance of warm-up and cool-down for vigorous physical activity
PE.4.3.2.a Engages in physical activity in physical education class without teacher prompting.
PE.5.3.3.b Identifies and applies the need for warm-up and cool-down for various physical activities.
PE.5.4.1.a Engages in physical activity with responsible inter-personal behavior (e.g., peer-to peer, student-to-teacher, student-to-referee)

Equipment/Materials Needed: Deck of Cards

Time Required for Lesson: 10 minuets

Diagram/Setup: See attached

Technology Use:
_____ YES               __X___NO

Teacher Planning: Make sure students understand how to do subtraction, pick fitness activities that students can do without much needed teacher support

Instructional Plan:

1. Remove all jokers

2. Shuffle the deck

3. Divide the students into groups and give each group a set of cards (10-15)

4. Select 1 student to start as the dealer for each group

5. The dealer will turn over the top card of the cards the group was given

6. 1st person in line choose if the next card will be higher or lower than the face up card

7. If the student gets the card correct he or she becomes the dealer and the dealer moves to the end of the line

8. If the student gets the card wrong he or she must do an activity pre-selected by the teacher (Squats, Burpees, Push pus, etc.) He or she will take the high card and subtract the low card and perform that many reps of the activity and move to the end of the line after completing the reps.

Card Values:


2-10=Same value of card




9. Groups can re-shuffle the cards when needed

Benefits/Explanation/Real-World Connection: Helps students get active while learning and practicing math facts

Modifications: Can be used with addition (both students add up the cards and do the exercise together), multiplication (multiply the cards and do the exercise), can be done with a large class rather than small groups. 

Safety Precautions: Design the exercises for the students to be able to safely complete.