Fitness Testing at Home

K-5 Remote Learning Physical Education


Fitness Test Challenge: HOME

Perform a "warmup" session similiar to what we use during our regular PE class in the gym.

60 sec pushup test-
Body straight, lower chest down, elbows reach 90degree return up … Count total completed in 60 sec

60 sec situp test-
Back/Feet on floor, knees bent up, arms across chest. Sit up to your knees lower back to floor each rep.     Pushup and Situp Challenge … Count total completed in 60 sec

Standing Long Jump-
Use chalk or sidewalk section for starting line. (A sand box to land in would be handy!) Toes on line, bend your knees, swing your arms, JUMP as FAR as you can, land on feet! Measure where your heels touch down. 

Flexed Arm Hang-
Have an adult help you find a sturdy object to hang on, branch, playset bar, clothesline post.
Remember, palms of your hands towards your shoulders to grip the “bar”. Jump up and hold your chin above the “bar” for as long as you can. Use a stopwatch to time. Don't worry! … shaking is part of this challenge.

Agility Run (Shuttle)-
use a starting line again. Place 2 small objects (balled up pair of socks) 30ft away from the start line. Use a stopwatch. Toes on the starting line with 1 foot forward, 1 foot back. READY...GO.
Run as fast as you can to pick up ONE object and bring it back to start and SET IT DOWN on the line. Run back as fast as you can to get the other object, bring it back. Run THROUGH the finish line w/ object in your hand. Time stops when your chest/torso crosses finish!

Sit and Reach Flexibility-
Sit on the floor w/ legs straight out in front of your body. Toes point up. Keep the back of your knees on the floor and slowly reach hands down front of your legs towards your feet … IF you can touch your toes … you are flexible.


Closure:  record your scores on each test you performed. write or reflect in your “activity log” about which exercises you can do to help improve your performance on the desired test. 

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