(Remote Learning) German Clap Dance Lesson

German Clap Dance

(Remote Learning) German Clap Dance Lesson
Created July 2020 Michelle Johnson

Lesson Topic:

Lesson of the German Clap Dance.

Lesson Description:

**For remote learning: Students will pick between two dances to practice during the week:

German Clap Dance (in this lesson) or Line Dance

**For classroom: Teacher will focus on this dance all week.

In this lesson, the German Clap Dance is introduced.  The steps are broken down and students get a feel for the rhythm of the music. 

Learning Goals/Outcomes:

The student will be able to perform the German Clap Dance with eighty percent accuracy.

Nebraska Standards:

PE.6.1.1.a: Moves to a beat or rhythm in a dance.

Teacher Planning:

Equipment/Materials Needed:

Music for German Clap Dance

Music Playing Device


Projector (if in classroom)

Speakers (if in classroom)

Time Required for Lesson:

30 minutes

Technology Use:

__X___ YES               _____NO

Instructional Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:

Talk to the students about the country of Germany and the German Clap Dance. 

(Ex: Germany is a country in Europe.  The German Clap Dance dates back thousands of years.  It is a folk dance.  A folk dance is a dance developed by people that reflect the life of the people of a certain country or region.) 

Show them a video of this dance:




D'hammerschmledsgselin (Germany) Bobby Morganstein The Complete Multicultural Party, Vol. 18




Benefits/Explanation/Real-World Connection:

Students can perform this dance at German festivals and weddings or anytime with friends and family.

Activities (i.e. instructions, warm-up, lesson, cool-down):

Formation: A double circle, facing a partner.

**If at home, practice with family member(s)

Part 1:

Count 1: Slap your thighs.

Count 2: Clap your hands.

Count 3: Clap your partner’s right hand (to right hand).

Count 4: Slap your thighs.

Count 5: Clap your hands.

Count 6: Clap your partner’s left hand (to left hand).

Count 7: Slap your thighs.

Count 8: Clap your hands.

Count 9: Clap your partner’s hand with your right hand.

Count 10: Clap your partner’s hand with your left hand.

Count 11: Slap your thighs.

Count 12: Clap your hands.

Count 13: Slap both your partner’s hands.




Part 2:

Gallops in line of dance (LOD) with partner in loose ballroom hold

Gallop-2 & 3 & 4 &5 &6 & 7, stop

Back & 2 & 3 & 4 &5 &6 & 7, stop

Forward 2 & 3 & 4 &5 &6 & 7, stop

New partner 2 & 3 & 4 &5 &6 & 7, stop

Students repeat the dance from the top with their new partners.


Once mastered, combine part 1 and 2 with no music.


Perform total dance:

Students will perform entire dance with music.


Ask students if they have any questions over the steps.  If remote learning—they will submit what dance they picked and submit a short video of the dance one time through. 

Assessment :

Teacher will look for correct performance of dances and if students keep the rhythm. 

Supplemental Information:


Have students learn the clapping sequence without contact with their partners until you see that they have it.  Then, add the physical contact.  Start slow, and increase speed as students start to master the dance moves. 




Safety Precautions:

Make sure students do not clap hands too hard with their partner or miss their hand and hit them instead.  Keep to the rhythm of the music to keep on task and not too fast.


Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.):

This is best for middle school age students, but can be adapted for 3-5th grade.