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This Remote Learning Plan was created by Sara Fjell in collaboration with Lori Broady as part of the 2020 ESU-NDE Remote Learning Plan Project. Educators worked with coaches to create Remote Learning Plans as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The attached Remote Learning Plan is designed for 9th-12th Grade World History students. Students will (Product description). This Remote Learning Plan addresses the following NDE Standard: Evaluate the cause and effect of historical events in the world. For example: How did the rise of tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union lead to the Cold War? SS HS.4.1.b (WLD) Select, record, and interpret key global events in chronological order.It is expected to take students for this remote learning plan 1-2 days or 1 block for completion. Remote Learning PlanDescription:  Students will understand the causes and effects of the Cold War on both the United States and the Soviet Union. Self-Assessment:I can explain how tensions after World War II led to a global conflict known as the Cold War. I will be able to explain what led to the start of the Cold War, analyze its impacts around the world, and also what events and people will lead to its en
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