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Instructor Overview

Gallery Overview

Allow students who have a clear understanding of the content thus far in the unit to work on Gallery problems of their choosing. You can then use this time to provide additional help to students who need review of the unit's concepts or to assist students who may have fallen behind on work.

Gallery Description


Chen stands on top of a cliff, and a woman scuba diver dives in the ocean below. Students will determine their positions on a vertical number line that represents distance above and below sea level.

Negative Numbers?

Students will read about five students’ opinions about negative numbers and decide whose opinions they agree with, whose they disagree with, and why. Students will also share their own ideas about negative numbers.

Temperatures in January

A map shows the lowest temperatures recorded in January since 2008 for five cities. Students will locate these temperatures on a number line and compare the temperatures.

Greenwich Mean Time

Students will use positive and negative numbers and Greenwich Mean Time to find the times of different cities around the world.

Numbers Timeline

Students will research the history of negative numbers and absolute value and create a timeline to show what they learned.

Rational Numbers and Absolute Value Video

Students will create a video about rational numbers and absolute value.