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Navigation Support Document.reading and grammar_linking words

Navigation Support Document.reading and grammar_linking words


Navigation support documents are worksheets that list a set of websites with a task created around them aligned to a teaching objective. 

These worksheets can guide learners from one website/ webpage to the next asking them to perform certain learning activities using each link in order to achieve the objective.

Reading and grammar

Navigation support document

Original idea by Deepti


Skill developed: Reading and grammar using websites

Sub skill: Learning use of linking words



Click on the link to watch this video on how to say “thank you” in 31 different languages from around the world and interview your partner to find out the following information from your partner. You may view the video again if you wish.

Think about these questions:

  1. Which of these languages were you hearing for the first time?
  2. Which of these languages can you speak (at a basic or advanced level)?
  3. How do you say “thank you” in your mother tongue?
  4. Have you ever tried to learn any of the languages depicted in the video?
  5. Which one of these look difficult to learn?


Next, visit and try to fill out the table below. Type in the English phrase in the box and use the menu on the right side to choose the language into which you would like to translate it. Click on the “copy” button at the bottom and copy-paste the translation that appears.

Today is Monday.






I am learning Spanish.






I like to eat pancakes.






This is my favourite rock band.







Mark the translation which seems very complicated to you. Why do you think one language appears more complicated than the others?




Go to

Read the text and answer the questions that follow. Don’t close the page. Keep it open.




This reading text uses linking words to connect ideas from one paragraph of the essay to the next. Watch a video explaining the concept of Linking Words.


Then use this PDF to identify the linking words in the text you read.


Send an email / post on FB class page about your experience learning something that was difficult to master. Maybe making chapatis? Learning to ride a bicycle? Swimming? Anything. Explain the process/ sequence/ stages of learning the skill. Use linking words from the video and PDF to help you connect your sentences.