Problem Solving Project - Exploring Computer Science

Problem Solving Project - Exploring Computer Science

Problem-Solving Project  - Exploring Computer Science

Instructions: For this 3-part project, you will practice using the problem-solving steps by selecting a problem that you are dealing with at home, at school, or a problem in the community. You will then research and gather data to help you find a solution to the problem.


              What are the Problem-Solving Steps?
CLICK HERE to view a video about the problem-solving steps.


Part 1 - Select a Problem
CLICK HERE to open the Problem Solving Worksheet. Identify a problem that you would like to solve. This problem can be something from the community, your home, or your school. Identify a research question to guide your research. Full instructions are on the worksheet.


             Part 2 - Gather Data and Make a Plan
Identify questions (at least 3) that will help you gather information to help you with your solution. Carefully consider the answers to your questions. Carry out an experiment if needed to gather the data.  CLICK HERE to open the Problem Solving Worksheet and type in the answers to your data questions.


       Part 3 - Carry out Your Plan, Review and Revise
CLICK HERE for the instructions on how to present your findings.


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