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This is a simple assignment for students in an introductory course on global health, by Dr. Jennifer Infanti (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). The students are divided into small groups. Working in the groups, they have 48 hours to present “solutions” to an assigned topic: to increase contraceptive use in rural areas of low-income countries. The groups each present their solutions to an evaluating committee and give peer feedback as well. Suggested evaluation criteria for teachers/assessors is also attached.After completing this assignment students will be able to:Describe various reproductive health problems occurring during the different stages in life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood).Identify, for each stage, hindrances to optimal sexual and reproductive health including socio-economic, family and health care factors.Suggest short- and long-term actions which could be implemented to improve reproductive health at different levels in low-resource settings (with a gender perspective). 
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