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Introduction to Pesticides (5 videos, factsheets and project paper)

Introduction to Pesticides (5 videos, factsheets and project paper)


The educational material consists of an introduction to the pesticide problematic together with five themes that illustrate different aspects of the problematic. Below you find video-clips from Bolivia that visualizes and concretizes the theme described in the fact sheet (downloadable PDF), including study questions that encourage the students to reflect upon the theme presented in the educative videos as well as in the fact sheet. Furthermore each fact sheet contains a reference list1 and grey boxes in the text with suggestions for further reading on the themes. 

Videos - Pesticides in Agriculture, produced by Plagbol and Dialogos, bolivian and danish NGO



Suicides are the most prevalent cause of deaths from pesticide poisoning. They are easily accessible due to lack of control with sales and improper storage which makes them popular for self-harm actions. In the video the problematic is presented by a provider of pesticides, a farmer and a doctor.

Suicide by Pesticide Ingestion Description


To prevent pesticide poisonings among farmworkers ecological alternatives to pesticides are presented and the strategic of farmers education and information to the general public. ​​​​​​

Prevention of pesticide poisoning – safe alternatives


Pregnant women, pesticide provider and doctor tell about their experiences with pesticide poisoning symptoms in the field and in the hospital.

Health effects of pesticide poisonings


Farmer and agronomist tell about the level of pesticide knowledge among farmers in Bolivia.

Lack of knowledge and misinformation in pesticide use


Doctors tell about control with pesticide import and sales and illegal pesticides as a reason for pesticide poisonings.

Missing legislation – too many illegal pesticides in Bolivia