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Pre-reading Maus - The Elements of a Graphic Novel

Pre-reading Maus - The Elements of a Graphic Novel

Power Point and accompanying worksheet

Basic Intro for the Novel Maus by Art Spiegleman. Gives a short background of the Holocaust and WWII. It is acceptable for those instructors that want to jump into the novel without too much fanfare. Those that want to delve into the Nazis and Hitler and the Anti-Semitism of Germany (and Europe in general) would probably want a more detailed and nuisanced presentation. 

  • Read Power Point over the "Reading Graphic Novel' - Beginning with Maus by Art Spiegleman

At the same Fill in the Worksheet:



Quiz over "Reading Graphic Novels" (worksheet and Power Point)

What is interesting is that as the instructor, you get to decide whether this is open notes (open worksheet) or not. I like to play around with this. If they know they can use the worksheet - a lot of kids write down it as we go along. If not, some just give up or figure they will just guess. Even those that use the open worksheet find they remember more at the end of this. Writing notes helps kids remembert. 

But if not - don't worry, it Ok. Some kid will not learn unless there is a test or quiz involved. 

Because nothing seems to be loading, below is the quiz:

Pre – reading quiz for Maus

The literal meaning of Holocaust (Holos + Kaustos) =                                                                               

Hitler went to jail for                                                  years for high treason.  While in Jail he wrote Mein Kampf (                                                                             )

It wasn't until Hindenburg died that Hitler became self-proclaimed

                                                          , leading the mass slaughter of                                                                            lives. 

Maus is a graphic novel that tells the tale of                                                    , Art Speigelman's                     who is a Holocaust Survivor

Even though it's not horror fiction, fear is still a major theme in Maus. We will see our main characters :

Choose between                                                                                                                                              

Choose whether or not to be                                                                               by fear.

Choose to                                                                     in the face of fear

Deal with the                                                                              effects of intense fear

Fill in the blanks of the follwoing quiz over the Power Point "Reading Graphic Novels" AND the accompanying worksheet :ELEMENTS OF GRAPHIC NOVEL MAUS by ART SPIEGLEMAN