Vietnam War Investigation

Work Time

Join the groups your teacher assigns. Do some quick research on the Vietnam War to help you understand the text you’ll read in the next lesson.

  • Share the questions you wrote down while watching the videos.
  • As a group, choose one or two questions about the Vietnam War that you would like to know more about.
  • Assign a role to each member of the group: the recorder takes notes, themanager keeps the group on track, thequestioner tracks group questions, and theresearcher finds and verifies the reliability of sources.
  • Working in your group, complete the following:
    • Find one reliable source of information about American history.
    • Identify important information about America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, focusing on answers to the question(s) your group chose.
    • Cite your source and identify major points to share with the class. Include how you knew that your source was reliable.

Open Notebook

You will be sharing your major findings with the class in a presentation of no more than 2 minutes. Decide how your group will share its findings.

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