Rebika Rai
Computer Science
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Graduate / Professional
Cloud, Cloud File, Database, Network, NoSQL, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), Structured Query Language (SQL), Unstructured
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Document Oriented databases


In the year 1970’s when relational database came into picture, data schema to be worked upon were reasonably elemental and simple wherein the data items were to be arranged as a set of formally described tables with rows and columns. But with the need to store volumes and variety of data (unstructured) in recent years, non-relational database technologies            (document-oriented, graph based, column based, key-value and hybrid) have emerged to address the requirement that allow data to be grouped together more naturally and logically. One of the most popular ways of storing data is a document-oriented database, basically employed for storing, managing and retrieval of semi-structured data where each record and its associated data is considered of as a “document”. A document-oriented database is also termed as a document store or simple document, is one of the kind of NoSQL database.