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We all know how important a strong vocabulary is, and let's face it, if a student wasn't an avid reader as they grew up, they probably don't have a varied vocabulary. Plus, memorizing one word at a time on a weekly list that seems to go on forever and ever can be discouraging for students who have little skill in decoding or comprehending. Studying and becoming familar with Greek and Roman roots can help students identify parts they might know in unfamilar words, and this may lead to building stronger access to higher level words more quickly.

This module is designed to help the students focus on two to three roots per week through ten to fifteen words. Through the week, they are given tasks to work with the roots and develop a relationship to them so they can access them more readily when reading higher level texts. By working with antonyms, synonyms, and building sentences, students develop the ability to decode faster and comprehend more. Hopefully, this leads to stronger success in, not only the academic world, but the workplace and home life as well.