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Instructor Overview

Students discuss classroom routines and expectations, work with partners to present their work matching different representations of a ratio situation, and then prepare math summaries.

Introduce classroom routines and expectations prior to the full mathematics lesson. Ask students to discuss how to clearly present their work to their classmates. Model an example of partner work, and then have students work with their partners to match different representations of a ratio situation. Read and discuss a Summary of the Math, and then have students write Reflections about their wonderings.

Key Concepts

Students match a data card with its corresponding ratio, decimal, fraction, percent, and description of the relationship in words. Students construct viable arguments for their matches and critique the reasoning of their partner and other classmates.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Describe the classroom routines and expectations.
  • Consider how to present work clearly to classmates.
  • Collaborate with a partner.
  • Critique a partner’s reasoning.
  • Connect different representations of a ratio situation.