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Instructor Overview

Gallery Overview

Students who are caught up can spend this time working on gallery problems while you work with other students in study groups. Students have a choice of problems, and they can work on however many problems time permits.

Gallery Descriptions

Finding the Missing Base
Students will find the length of one of the bases of a trapezoid given the length of the other base, the height, and the area.

Utah Units
Students will estimate the area of Utah and then estimate the area of the United States in “Utah” units.

Growing Rectangles
Students know how to find the lengths of the sides of polygons on the coordinate plane. They will use this knowledge to find the area of each rectangle in a series of growing rectangles.

The Volumes of Solids
Students will find the volume of solids that are built out of cubes. They will also build their own solid out of cubes and have their partner find its volume.

From 3-D to 2-D and Back
Students will investigate the net of a milk carton.

Geometry of Gardening
Students will use their knowledge of perimeter and area to design a garden on grid paper.

Net of a Number Cube
Students will draw a net of a number cube.

Dividing Parallelograms
Students will prove or disprove Emma's statement about dividing parallelograms into four triangles, all with the same area.

Area of Triangles
Students will find the areas of two different triangles on the coordinate plane.

Placing a Rug
Students will place a square rug exactly in the middle of a floor and find the number of square feet not covered by the rug.