Grade 11: Writers on Writing (Remix) Days 11 to 15

Grade 11: Writers on Writing (Remix) Days 11 to 15

Preparing for Digital Storytelling.

To prepare for your digital storytelling project, watch Garr Reynolds TEDxKyoto "Story, Imagery, & the Art of 21st Century Presentation"  and answer the questions below. 

1. What are some of the characteristics of effective presentations that Reynolds identifies? Why are these effective?

2. What are some characteristics of ineffective presentations that he identifies? How can you avoid these in your own presentation? 

3. How can digital storytellers use text, image, video, and audio all together to tell a compelling story?

4. Identify at least two elements of each of the following that you could use to tell the story you wrote in your literacy narratives:





Now, select one example of an exemplar digital stortelling project from the Stony Brook University Library Website and answer the questions below.

1. What makes this story compelling? What did the author do that you might do similarly in your own project? Explain.

2. What could be improved in this story? What do you see that you would like to do differently or better in your own project? Explain. 

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