Justin Snyder, Amber Hoye
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Community College / Lower Division
Game of Threes, Icebreaker, Past Tense, Preferences, Questions, Vacations
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The Game of Threes - Past Tense

The Game of Threes - Past Tense


Interpersonal speaking - Novice Mid

(Boise State University French 102 - Lab 2)

Relevant NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do statements

I can talk about my interests and hobbies

I can talk about my favorite music, movies, and sports

I can talk about activities or things I did in the recent past

Lead-in or warm-up

Talk about the activities that each student did over their last break. Give some examples and ask each person to discuss at least 3 activities. 

Discuss at least 3 activities that you did over the last break with the group.

Main activity

In a large group, students will take turns pulling the questions out of a hat or basket. The student will then read the question on the paper aloud and each person in the circle will answer. The questions are structured to prompt 3 responses from each student. Once everyone in the circle has answered the question (including the person who asked!), the student to their left will choose the next question.

In turns, pick a random question from the hat/bowl/pile to read to your classmates. When everyone (including you) has answered, move to the next person.


As k students to share 1-3 things that they learned today about classmates based on the questions.

Share 1-3 things that you learned about your classmates based on the questions.