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Instructor Overview

Lesson Overview

Students complete a card sort that requires them to match sets of statistics with the corresponding line plots.

Students match cards with simple line plots to the corresponding card with measures of center. Some cards include mode, mean, median, and range, and some have one or two measures missing.  Students discuss how they determined which cards would match.

Key Concepts

To complete the card sort in this lesson efficiently, students must be able to relate statistical measures with line plots. If they start with the measures that are easy to see, they can narrow down the possible matches.

  • The mode is the easiest measure to see immediately. It is simply the number with the tallest column of dots.
  • The range can be found easily by subtracting the least value in the plot from the greatest.
  • The median can be found fairly quickly by counting to the middle dot or by pairing dots on the ends until reaching the middle.
  • The mean must be calculated by adding data values and dividing.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Apply knowledge of measures of center and range to solve problems.
  • Discuss and review strategy choices when problem solving.