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Arts and Humanities, Visual Arts
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High School
9, 10
Art Assignment, Art Project, Positive and Negative Space
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Positive/Negative Space Art

Lesson Overview

CREATE Animal or Hero Shape Design 

For this assignment, you will be creating an Animal or Hero design using only shapes and positive and negative space.  Follow the steps below to complete the assignment.

Your animal or hero will Include the following features: 

  • Use a white sheet of paper. You're drawing needs to fill a regular 8.5x11 size paper or be bigger. 
  • Your choice of animal or super hero drawn with only shapes
  • Your shapes will be filled in with black Sharpie or colored in with marker, colored pencil, or paint. Your choice.  

Step 1: Introduction

  • Talk about positive and negative shapes and space in art and it's importance.
  • Find examples of art throught the ages that works with positive an negative space. Find simple examples that make it easier for studetns to see. 
  • Have students reaserach an aminal or hero they want to draw and get started on thumbnail sketches. 


Step 2: Look through these student examples of artwork using only shapes and positive and negative space to get ideas of what you want to create for your project. 
student example student example student examplestudent example student examplestudent example