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Instructor Overview

Why is it important that students be careful what is posted for everyone to see? Students will investigate and discuss these questions during this module that directly relate to their daily life.

Students will work cooperatively in groups to design an infomercial to be presented to elementary students and/or parents and community members.

Key Learning Targets: 

  • I can use technology to produce and publish my work, and link to sources.

  • I can include multimedia projects or visual displays when they will be helpful in clarifying and emphasizing information.

  • I can actively participate and contribute to a discussion with my teacher and my peers.

  • I can present my findings to a group or audience in a clear and concise way.

  • I can create a storyboard to prepare a public service announcement.

  • I can compare contrast trends of technology.

  • I can write an explanatory paragraph to examine a topic (present and future digital footprint).