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This is a unit on learning how to use a vector editing program ( used for my online graphic design class. This program is free and runs in the browser so was optimal for my students using chromebooks. Each of the 6 lessons has a written lesson tutorial with images, as well as a screencast video that goes over that lesson. 4 of the 6 lessons have an assignment associated with them. There is an outline for what each lesson goes over listed underneath the links for that lesson. All written tutorials, lessons and assignments are in google docs. Lesson 1 - Basics | Screencast Lesson 1 | Assignment Lesson 1What is & ZoomSelecting ObjectsMoving objectsCopy/Paste/Delete/DuplicateSupersize, Rotate, FlipGrouping & UngroupingArranging ObjectsAlign and DistributeSavingLesson 2 - Shapes, Paths, Pen | Screencast Lesson 2 | Assignment Lesson 2Basic ShapesBasic Star-based ShapesAdjusting ObjectsShapes vs. PathPath OperationsPen ToolLesson 3 - More Paths & Type | Screencast Lesson 3 | Assignment Lesson 3 CC BY SA 3.0 Rebecca EricksonDrawing Curves with the PenTypes of NodesThe Freehand Tool & SimplifyFills & BordersThe Type ToolLesson 4 - More on Type | Screencast Lesson 4 | Assignment Lesson 4Working with Type: Text vs. PathsType AlignmentCharacter, Word and Line SpacingPutting Type on PathsLesson 5 - Gradients & Textures | Screencast Lesson 5Using the Gradient ToolFine-tuning Gradient PositionAdding More Points to a GradientWorking with TexturesAdding NoiseLesson 6 - Clipart & Vectorizing Images | Screencast Lesson 6About openclipart.orgImporting Open Clip Art into GravitVectorizing Images
Graphic Arts, Graphic Design
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Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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