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Blogs, Digital Literacy, Hacking, Posting, Trolling
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Understanding hacking/trolling and providing posts & comments

Understanding hacking/trolling and providing posts & comments



Students will learn more about hacking and trolling in the online world. They will collaborate and build off others ideas and practice how to respond thoughtfully when creating discussions/posts/ comments.


This activity needs prior background that includes discussions about real news/fake news, what hacking truly means, and acting positive online, and digital literacy. This lesson allows for accommodations to be met through videos (close captioning) and completing commenting (recording it, using images/symbols).  Articles/videos can be done together or independently. Images or symbols could be added to enhance learning (

Grade Level

This lesson is for 5th grade and can be adjusted for younger or older students.

Time duration

Estimated time: One hour (or over 2 days). Teachers chose if they want to extend this activity. Teachers can divide students into groups & assign one article/video, allow them to decide, or do all based upon preference.

Materials needed

Access to computers/tablets (earbuds/headphones) & google drive or other LMS system

Padlet link separate padlets (copy/duplicate it) for multiple classes

Print an article or 2 in case the internet acts up, discussion questions posted at each table, examples of comments/responses that show 3 levels (target-exceeds, acceptable-meets, unacceptable- beginning/progressing) and rubric for self assessment

Schedule of Activities & decide on partner work (Table one does assignment #1, table two does #2, table three and four do #3, Table five does #4)

Teacher Supports


Lesson Objective


Objective:  Understand the importance of acting positively online and how to respond appropriately and thoughtfully to others.

Digital Citizen: Students recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.

Global Collaborator: Students use digital tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating with others and working effectively in teams locally and globally.

Purpose of the lesson

Students will

**be aware of socially accepted digital etiquette rules

**connect actions to how acting positive online and in everyday life go hand in hand

**practice commenting and adding to ideas of others in a safe and productive way, & learn how to appropriately disagree

**Use correct spelling and grammar when posting

**Use Newsela as a source for research (ties into former lessons on fake news/real news and good sources)

**Interest based as students chose this particular topic in a pre-assessment


Teacher: Model

--how to use and respond in Padlet and access on Google classroom

--how to adjust Newsela to make it harder or easier based on reading level.

-- Remind (practice if needed) leaving lab to tables & what discussion should look like

I Do- Teacher models how to create good questions/comments & uses the rubric. Do one unacceptable first then on target.. Model how to reread and right click on red underline, adding punctuation, how to edit on padlet, etc.

We Do--Have students in groups of 2 answer one of the questions using the rubric.

Students will discuss their points from the videos/articles and reflect.

You Do--Students alone answer a different question and give feedback using the rubric.

Additional Resources

Works Cited

                      Blogging/Commenting Resources:

Seesaw (online portfolio) offers this feature to allow practice.

This could be practice using google drive comments when revising papers also.




Citation for the rubric

If you choose to use this template, the rubric includes instruction text.


In case google docs won't upload.