Shawn Dykstra
Mathematics, Algebra
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Lesson Plan
Middle School, High School
Equation, Linear, System, graphing system of equations, graphing-system-of-equations, system of equations, system-of-equations
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Education Standards (2)

Intro to Systems of Linear Equations


In this activity, students write and solve a system of two linear equations to explore the numerical and graphical meaning of "solution." The activity closes by asking students to apply what they've learned to similar situations.

Desmos Activity

Solve systems of linear equations exactly and approximately (e.g., with graphs), focusing on pairs of linear equations in two variables.


1.  Start with attached link (resource) to Desmos.  

2.  Create class code (TZEXT is the code for this assignment).

3.  Set up synchronous class session and inform students when class will "meet."

4.  Have students go to and log in using your class code when class "meets."

5.  Facilitate class discussion through whatever source you choose to use (zoom, hangout, skype, face to face, etc.)

6.  View Teacher Guide prior to teching lesson for tips and suggestions including setting learning targets.


Today you will learn what a solution to a System of Linear Equations looks like.  We will be using an activity in Desmos to introduce you to this concept.  You will need be 'present in class' at the time your teacher tells you to, using the source he/she tells you to use (zoom, hangout, skype, face to face, etc.).  When told to do so log in here and put in the course code your teacher gives you ((TZEXT is the code for this assignment).  Happy investigating!