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Middle School
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Iowa K-12 E-Curriculum, Template, iowa-k-12-e-curriculum
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What Makes a Video Persuasive?

What Makes a Video Persuasive?


Objective: Students will be able to evaluate what characteristics make a video persuasive.

This would be an introduce a project where students would create thier own persuasive video using Adobe Spark Video.  Students first watch some example persuasive videos in Adobe Spark and rate them on wether they feel the videos are persuasive. Then students brainstorm a list of characteristics that make a video persuasive. The students would then generate a class list of what charteristics make a video persuasive. 

Task 1 Rate Video Examples

Task 1: Open the Google Doc What Makes a Video Persuasive? Watch at least three persuasive Adobe Spark videos from the chart below and review them. Remember the goal of the video was to persuade people to do something, such as supporting a cause, donating money, attending an event or changing their opinion.

  • Students will brainstorm charteristics that make a video persausive. 
  • Students will add their answers to the chart on the Google Doc

Step 2: Think about the videos you watched and this question, “What Makes a Video Persuasive? How can a video change a person’s opinion or make them take action? Brainstorm a list of at least five characteristics that you think leads to a successful persuasive video? Add your answers to the chart in the Google Doc. 


  • Students share their ideas on Padlet, teachers would have to create their own or select a different platform to have students share. 

Step 3:Share your five characteristics with the class by adding them to the shared Padlet Canvas What Makes a Video Persuasive?. Read through the canvas before adding yours, if the characteristic you were going to already there, then just a different word. We will then have a discussion as a class to narrow down the list. Hopefully we will be able to develop a list of core characteristics that make a successful persuasive video and answer the question? What makes a video persuasive?

Exit Ticket

The assessment for this lesson is an exit ticket in a Google Form. It asks the students what are your final five characteristics that make a video persuasive. Then Iit asks them to find an example in Adobe Spark  that contains these five characteristics.

Please complete this exit ticket un Google