Google Level 1 Certification: Unit 7, Lesson 1: Get Your Class Organized

Google Level 1 Certification: Unit 7, Lesson 1: Get Your Class Organized

Setting Up Rosters

Digitizing class rosters saves you time and keeps you organized throughout the school year. Many teachers over the years have tried to use digital tools or even to go completely paperless in the classroom, but have trouble managing their digital files and communications. They can now do that easily with G Suite for Education tools.

The best way to achieve this is to use Google Classroom as it provides a single platform for your digital classroom. Use Classroom to send messages, assign, collect, and grade work, and share learning materials in one single place.

Google Classroom is simple to setup and since it was built specifically for education, there are instructional benefits to using it with students. For example, you can use Classroom to send specific assignments to individual students instead of the whole class. This feature allows teachers to provide students with the resources they need when they need them. Classroom also provides the flexibility for group work too. Teachers can promote collaboration and assign work to groups of students using Classroom so learners can work together to complete projects.

If Classroom is not an option, then there are tools like Sheets and Contacts, that can help you get your rosters ready. Forget looking for email addresses manually or digging through Drive to find a document.

Getting setup in Google Classroom

Add students to your Classroom roster using a join code

Invite students to your Classroom

Invite students from a Google Group

Make a roster with sheets


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