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Computer Science, Business and Communication
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Lesson Plan
High School
10, 11, 12
Web-conferencing, Zoom
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Using Zoom

Using Zoom

Lesson Overview

The following module will introduce learners to the basic operation of the  Zoom Web Conferencing Tool

Section 1: Obtaining the Zoom Client

The following link will navigate learners to the Zoom download iste

First step to use Zoom is downloading the appropriate client

Please download the Zoom Client

In order to use Zoom, we must first download Zoom by using the following link - [ Download ]

Section 2: Basic Navigation

Introduce the basic application functions and controls

Please review the resource to familarize yourself with the icons/functions of the Zoom application.

Section 4: Connect to the TIU Bridge

PDF resource illustrating how to connect to the TIU Bridge.

With a Zoom Pro client, you are able to dial out to any H.323 system.  This includes the TIU's videoconference bridge. 

View PDF

Section 5: Check in

This is a basic confirmation that the student is comfortable with the menus

Check in

We are currently piloting two e-learning technologies, xAPI and Learning Record Stores (LRS).
As part of this research, we ask that you "check-in" by clicking the button image, below. 

If you are participating in Tom McClain's research project, we ask that you use your "code name" vs. your email address when completing the "check-in."

As a thank you, we will issue a link to a digital badge after "checking in."

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Section 6: Module Survey

Optional Survey

There are several additional modules planned.  

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts on this learning experience. 

3-2-1 Survey