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The Oregon Science Project was created in response to Oregon educators' desires to understand the NGSS and how it may look in our classrooms. These new standards are more than a restructuring of the previous content standards. The 3 dimensions of NGSS shifts the classroom work toward the students' sense-making of phenomena. Students then model scientific processes as they seek to understand the awe-inspiring piece of the world around us. The modules and process we are embarking on are designed to help us as educators explore what it means for our students to 'do' science. This process will be messy, vague, and uncomfortable at times, and asks each of us to contribute in order to generate productive work. The work throughout this year will be a combination of monthly in-person or online meetings, using OSP Modules, group discussion, and group designed formats.Here is the (draft) skeleton schedule: (subject to change depending on participants' needs)Module #1: Introduction & Framework - Who are we as a group? Why teach science? Why teach science in our community? How does science work? How does NGSS shift the science process?Module #2: Phenomena - What are phenomena? Why are they central to an NGSS classroom? How do you decide what is productive phenomena?Module #3: Making our students' thinking visible - How do we use productive discourse in the classroom? How do we model and teach paraphrasing? Module #4: Equity - How do we engage all students in Science? Module #5: Science Talk - Why is Science Talk important?Module #6: Science Talk - What does Science Talk look like in the classroom?Module #7: Science Talk - How do we increase Science Talk? How do we show others?Module # 8+: Coming soon! Structure: Prior to each meeting, participants will be gifted with insightful media to provoke thoughts, questions, and ideas to prepare each for meeting. Each meeting, participants will share, discuss, and do activities that relate to the Module topics and questions. We will have approximately 8-10 meetings from October 2017 to April 2018. 
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Oregon Science Project Hybrid NGSS Module #1 - Phenomena & Equity
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