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Beef External Parts


Grade Level: 9th - 12th

Subject: Animal Science

Duration: 50 minutes

DOK Level:  1

SAMR Level: Substitution

Indiana Standard: AS-1.2 Describe the functions of the animal body systems and system components

Objective: Students will be able to identify the given body parts of cattle with 100% accuracy.


  1. Present the slide show External Parts Beef

  2. Stop at slide 1

  3. Have the students use the internet to find the names of the identified parts

  4. Handout a paper copy of slide 1

  5. Check that all students have identified the parts

  6. Move to slide 2

  7. Have the students name the parts as you unveil the correct names

  8. Have the students assess google classroom to access Beef Parts ID

  9. Have the students play the game until they achieve 90% accuracy

  10. Have them screen shot the score and submit to the google classroom assignment

Product or Assessment:  The students will be assessed in class. They will be given five body parts to identify. Each body part will be worth 3 points.