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Animal Rights, Debate, Welfare
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Animal Welfare vs Animal Rights Debate



Animal Welfare vs Animal Rights Debate


Grade Level: 9th-12th

Subject: Animal Science

Duration: 5 days

DOK Level:  4

SAMR Level: Substitution

Indiana Standard: AS-7.4 Explain the implications of animal welfare and animal rights

Objective: Given a debated livestock issue related to animal welfare, students will be able to understand both sides of the issue, and effectively persuade others in making a decision about the issue.


  1. Have the students compare and contrast the terms “animal welfare” and “animal rights”.

  2. Have a class discussion on the impact of the differences

  3. Group the class into partners

  4. Have them research and make a list of five animal right issues related to the agricultural industry

  5. Have a class discussion on the topics researched. As a class narrow down the list.

  6. Have each pair pull a topic and side out of a hat.

  7. Explain the Debate Project expectations and grading rubric.

  8. Allow class time for research.

  9. Have the students submit a list of statements and supporting facts after day 2.

  10. Have the students submit a rough draft of their opening and closing statements after day 3.

  11. Debates will be done on day 5

Product or Assessment:

Students will be graded on their submitted facts and rough draft. The rubric will be used to grade the debate on the given day.


Renee Wangler, Agriscience Instructor - Newaygo County Career-Tech Center