Alcoholic Fermentation in Yeast – A Bioengineering Design Challenge Grade Level: 10thSubject: ALSAnimalsDuration: 90 minutesDOK Level: 3SAMR Level: Substitution Indiana Standard: ALSA-2.17 Describe cellular respiration. Recognize that animals perform only respiration, while plants perform both photosynthesis and respiration. Also, describe the transformation of energy during respiration, and the role of ATP produced in respiration for other metabolic processesObjective: Students will be able to explain the process of cellular respiration and design an experiment .Essential Question: What is the optimum sucrose concentration and temperature to maximize rapid CO2 production?Procedure: Handout the student lab sheet.Have the students answer the questions in part 1Have them draw the steps in part to in their research notebookHave the students complete the lab part 2Have the students record the results in their research notebookHave the students design and complete lab part 3Product or Assessment: Students will be assessed on their results in their research notebook. Credit: Cellular Respiration lab Preparation Notes 
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