Oregon Science Project Hybrid NGSS Module #1 - Phenomena & Equity

Why Teach Science?



"A Framework for K-12 Science Education (hereafter referred to as the Framework) and the Next Generation Science Standards (hereafter referred to as the NGSS) describe aspirations for students’ learning in science that are based on key insights from research:

  • that science learning involves the integration of knowing and doing 
  • that developing conceptual understanding through engaging in the practices of science is more productive for future learning than simply memorizing lists of facts
  • that science learning is best supported when learning experiences are designed to build and revise understanding over time"

Science Teachers' Learning: Enhancing Opportunities, Creating Supportive Contexts (2015) 

Estimated time: 10 minutes 

Components: small group discussion, survey response to statements about teaching science


Here is a link to the results in case you want to look back in your own response again.

Why We Teach

Group Instructions (Each person submits their own survey)

Every Participant: Open "Survey #1"

Reading for Understanding - Discussing the statements:

  1. Starting with the statement at the top left and going down one by one:
    1. One person reads the statement out loud
    2. Each person shares their thoughts about why the statement is important

Reading to Rank - Ranking the statements:

  1. Each person shares which statement is the most important to them and why
  2. All members of the group can question or press for reasoning, but please approach this discussion with the knowledge that another person's rationale may actually make you change your mind.
  3. As you discuss your rankings, each participants completes their own survey with their own answers and hits submit.

Discussing the results

  1. Once you have all submitted and see the collective results of those who completed it before you: share surprises or wonderings you have about how your individual and group ranking compares to the collective responses



Individual Instructions (temporary and only for this early draft, please try to work in small regional group with at least two other OSP Learning Facilitators if possible)

Open Survey #1

  1. Rank the five different reasons listed that ague for why we should teach science K-12.

  2. One you have completed this survey you will see all of the other participants' responses who have completed it before you.

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