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Instructor Overview

Students watch a video in which a double number line is used to solve a problem about getting the right amount of protein mix. Using the double number line is an example of modeling with mathematics, which is Mathematical Practice 4.

Key Concepts

A double number line shows corresponding values for two variable quantities with a constant ratio between them. Each pair of tick marks that go together shows a ratio equivalent to all of the other ratios between corresponding tick marks.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Watch an example of students using mathematics to model a relationship between quantities (MP4).
  • Use a double number line to solve a problem.
  • Use a double number line to deepen understanding of equivalence in the context of a relationship between quantities with a constant ratio.

SWD: Some students with disabilities will benefit from a preview of the goals in each lesson. Students can highlight the critical features and/or concepts and will help them to pay close attention to salient information.